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Well... After a year and a half since I devoted myself to inks I have gained several experience and meet tremendous people. I think I can post my page rates now that I am becoming more confident over my work. Still I have hundreds of pages of learning, but I love this thing. 

I ink traditionally. I like to use hunt 102 quills and brushes. I also ink with Manga Studio, according to the penciler's needs.

I am not fond of AmeriManga or manga, so I am more focused on mainstream comics with a level of professionalism. I love good pages BUT I also love regular timmings. Doing one page per week I think does not helps anyone.

So, here they are:

- Inked sequentials: 50 USD PER PAGE It does not depends on the complexity or lack of detail, Actually i love details and pages that are more complex are like a challenge to me. Here are some examples:

Ink job Spiderman test Combined by Docolomansky

Tear 02 Page 21 inks by Docolomansky

El Viudo El fin del Luto page 01 Inks by Docolomansky

My method: I ink and send lo-res pages for comments. 6 at the time. (1-6; 7-12, etc...) That's is like my inking speed per week.

Once every group of pages are approved, I send hi-res pages files after payment via Pay Pal. 

If you want a closer communication, we can Gtalk or evaluate the project via email. I'm reachable at

So, can't wait to find more from you and your projects! 

Inking rocks, remember!


  • Listening to: your suggestions
  • Reading: Lots of emails, and lots of penciled pages.
  • Drinking: coffee...mmm
Dear Pencilers:

Being an Inker is a great job, you can take beautiful pieces and enhance what they communicate to the reader.
Having inked several pencilers allows me to translate every one of them regarding their needs.

I am open now to find an artist whom I can team up as his or her inker. Looking for a responsible, and talented Professional, to be able to team up for every project we could find. We all need to work and teaming up might work better to find more projects in less time, right?

Here's what it takes:
My style is clearly Comicbook style. My range comes from inking this

InkTest X-men Finch Combined by Docolomansky
(Dynamic, using quills, negative spaces, crosshatched Early Image Style). (BTW that was a test, ok? XD)

(Classy, 40's crime stories, using mostly brushes, old style)

What can I do?
I work mostly traditional style, Penciler uses to send me his 300 up to 600 dpi original file and I duotone, print and scan them back at 600 dpi.

How this works? Well... send me a couple of sequentials for me to see, tell me about you (who you are, where do you live, email account, portfolio and where were you be published at, and mostly, what do you expect for an inker to do with your pages.

My email is and let's see what can we do to break up in comics!

Bests regards!
  • Listening to: your suggestions
  • Reading: Lots of emails
I joined Da as long time ago. I started posting drawings, pin-ups, then some color attempts and last year I decided to turn myself an inker. Yeah, an inker, a comic book inker.

I'm totally on this inking thing. I have been drawing almost my entire life but I always felt an special love for ink, love for how ink can increase the visual experience and how hard is to master it's technique which such less tools.

Now I'm upgrading my skills. My point of start is to look Joe Weems work, Scott Williams work, Jim Lee's, Marc Silvestri's, Rich Friend's, Gabriel Rodriguez and many other's work in order to start finding my own way. And for me to focus on this purpose I must start over this page, just only inking stuff. No more color, no more lineart (only if it is necessary), just inks.

Focusing is the real deal and, despite becoming a comic inker is such a risky carreer move, is what my guts urges me to do.

I'm accepting comissions, some colaborations (depending on my schedule), and of course, paid jobs.

Bests and please, enjoy and feel free to put some comments over my work.

August 2011.

PS: Thanks to many many friends whom all over this past two years have helped me find the focus on this starting new carreer.